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Date & Time (UTC) 2021-08-03 16:54:46.7
Date & Time (Local) 1400/5/12  21:24:46.7
Location Lat:30.906 Lon: 49.528
Region Khoozestan Province, 23 km North-West of Omidiyeh
Nearest Cities
12 km North East of Ramshir, Khoozestan Province
14 km of Meshrageh, Khoozestan Province
16 km North East of Abdoliyeh, Khoozestan Province
23 km South West of Soltanabad, Khoozestan Province
23 km North West of Omidiyeh, Khoozestan Province
Depth 27 km
Faults within 150 km:
AGHAJARI_F (Length: 88 km) , Distance to epicenter: 11 km 
RAG_E_SEFID_F (Length: 84 km) , Distance to epicenter: 42 km 
MFF4 (Length: 62 km) , Distance to epicenter: 52 km 
Number of Phases 26
RMS 0.4
Number of Stations 26
Error in Latitude >1.3 km
Error in Longitude 1.3 km
Error in Depth 410.9 km

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UIDAgencyStationComponentAmplitudePeriodArrival TimeProccessing TimeSignal Clip
164612IIEES SCGTMRZ 812021-08-03 16:55:152021-08-04 07:15:00n
164613IIEES SCNASNZ 0.912021-08-03 16:55:402021-08-04 07:15:00n
164614IIEES SCGHVRZ 112021-08-03 16:55:462021-08-04 07:15:00n
164615IIEES SCILBAZ 0.412021-08-03 16:55:472021-08-04 07:15:00n
164616IIEES SCYZKHZ 0.712021-08-03 16:55:552021-08-04 07:15:00n
164617IIEES SCGZVZ 0.312021-08-03 16:56:092021-08-04 07:15:00n
164618IIEES SCKRBRZ 0.312021-08-03 16:56:192021-08-04 07:15:00n
164619IIEES SCGLOZ 0.412021-08-03 16:56:252021-08-04 07:15:00n
164620IIEES SCBNDSZ 0.212021-08-03 16:56:262021-08-04 07:15:00n
164621IIEES SCTABSZ 0.212021-08-03 16:56:282021-08-04 07:15:00n


AgencyStationComponentPhase TypePhase QualityFirst MotionObserved Arrival TimeTime ResidualLoc. FlagInput WeightDistanceAzimuth
IIEES SCGTMRZ EPg E2021-08-03 16:55:150.4y0178347
IIEES SCGTMRZ ESg E2021-08-03 16:55:392.9n4178347
IIEES SCKHRKZ EPg E2021-08-03 16:55:170.2y0198158
IIEES SCKHRKZ ESg E2021-08-03 16:55:444.6n4198158
IIEES SCAHRMZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:55:270.8y0274146
IIEES SCKHMZZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:55:31-1.6n43177
IIEES SCNASNZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:55:400.1y037556
IIEES SCGHVRZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:55:460.3y042822
IIEES SCILBAZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:55:47-0.1y0434314
IIEES SCGHIRZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:55:46-1.6n4444131
IIEES SCMEHZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:55:53-0.5y048884
IIEES SCYZKHZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:55:55-0.7y050871
IIEES SCQABGZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:000.5y05331
IIEES SCGZVZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:09-0.1y06116
IIEES SCKRBRZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:19-0.9y070298
IIEES SCGLOZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:250.1y073833
IIEES SCBNDSZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:26-0.6y0754121
IIEES SCTABSZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:28-0.9y077767
IIEES SCABGHZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:340.5y081037
IIEES SCAZRZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:350.5y0819337
IIEES SCSHROZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:35-0.5y082747
IIEES SCBSRNZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:45-1.8n492083
IIEES SCJSSHZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:49-1.1y0949126
IIEES SCMRVTZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:56:531y096239
IIEES SCSHRTZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:57:04-0.7y0105973
IIEES SCTBJMZ EPn E2021-08-03 16:57:11-1.2n4111864