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Date & Time (UTC) 2021-10-10 21:52:06.3
Date & Time (Local) 1400/7/19  01:22:06.3
Location Lat:32.405 Lon: 49.703
Region Khoozestan Province, 40 km -West of Chelgard
Nearest Cities
18 km North East of Paabshalal, Khoozestan Province
33 km North East of Qale-yekhvaju, Khoozestan Province
35 km South West of Durak, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province
40 km West of Chelgard, Chaharmahal Bakhtiari Province
46 km North West of Torshak, Khoozestan Province
Depth 19 km
Faults within 150 km:
MFF2 (Length: 205 km) , Distance to epicenter: 26 km 
ZARDKUH_F (Length: 139 km) , Distance to epicenter: 26 km 
ARDAL_F (Length: 170 km) , Distance to epicenter: 32 km 
Number of Phases 22
RMS 0.4
Number of Stations 22
Error in Latitude >1.2 km
Error in Longitude 1.2 km
Error in Depth 2.9 km

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UIDAgencyStationComponentAmplitudePeriodArrival TimeProccessing TimeSignal Clip
165678IIEES SCGTMRZ 3012021-10-10 21:52:162021-10-11 06:11:00n
165679IIEES SCKHMZZ 512021-10-10 21:52:302021-10-11 06:11:00n
165680IIEES SCNASNZ 0.812021-10-10 21:52:502021-10-11 06:11:00n
165681IIEES SCILBAZ 0.712021-10-10 21:52:572021-10-11 06:11:00n
165682IIEES SCSNGEZ 0.812021-10-10 21:53:002021-10-11 06:11:00n
165683IIEES SCCHTHZ 0.312021-10-10 21:53:052021-10-11 06:11:00n
165684IIEES SCAHRMZ 0.112021-10-10 21:53:042021-10-11 06:11:00n
165685IIEES SCYZKHZ 0.312021-10-10 21:53:102021-10-11 06:11:00n
165686IIEES SCGIDEZ 0.512021-10-10 21:53:162021-10-11 06:11:00n
165687IIEES SCSRSLZ 0.412021-10-10 21:53:252021-10-11 06:11:00n
165688IIEES SCSHROZ 0.0712021-10-10 21:53:412021-10-11 06:11:00n
165689IIEES SCTABSZ 0.112021-10-10 21:53:402021-10-11 06:11:00n
165690IIEES SCKRBRZ 0.0812021-10-10 21:53:442021-10-11 06:11:00n
165691IIEES SCGRMIZ 0.0512021-10-10 21:53:442021-10-11 06:11:00n
165692IIEES SCMRVTZ 0.0312021-10-10 21:53:562021-10-11 06:11:00n


AgencyStationComponentPhase TypePhase QualityFirst MotionObserved Arrival TimeTime ResidualLoc. FlagInput WeightDistanceAzimuth
IIEES SCGTMRZ EPg E2021-10-10 21:52:160.3y056277
IIEES SCKHMZZ EPg E2021-10-10 21:52:30-0.9y01509
IIEES SCGHVRZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:52:492.6n427132
IIEES SCNASNZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:52:500.4y029581
IIEES SCILBAZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:52:57-0.4y0354292
IIEES SCSNGEZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:000.7y0370324
IIEES SCCHTHZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:050.8y041019
IIEES SCAHRMZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:04-0.1y0416161
IIEES SCYZKHZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:10-0.2y046090
IIEES SCZNJKZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:12-1y0482349
IIEES SCGIDEZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:160.2y05011
IIEES SCGHIRZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:19-2.6n4555145
IIEES SCSRSLZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:25-0.3y0577317
IIEES SCABGHZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:370.4y067044
IIEES SCSHROZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:410y070655
IIEES SCTABSZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:40-0.4y070679
IIEES SCKRBRZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:440.6y0724112
IIEES SCGRMIZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:440y0729347
IIEES SCMRVTZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:53:560.3y082445
IIEES SCMAKUZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:54:050.4y0894330
IIEES SCSHRTZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:54:170.1y099982
IIEES SCKAGHZ EPn E2021-10-10 21:54:260.9y0106662